Mural, Mural on the Wall


My name is Miriam, and I have a confession: I’m compelled to draw on everything. Blank surfaces are my catnip. Like a naked light bulb attracts doomed insects, I must succumb to temptation. Present me with paper, table, ceiling, walls - it makes no difference.  If it is blank and if it can hold ink, I will draw on it. I thought this predilection might mean I ended up in an insane asylum. Or prison, because apparently drawing on other people’s things is considered “vandalism” by the arbitrary arbiters of taste. But no, I’ve managed to end up somewhere special, at an organization willing to smile upon and enable my fiendishly debilitating condition. I work at The David Project.

A short while ago, we put up a new wall in our office, bisecting the end of a corridor. The new, fresh, smooth surface was so inviting. There was not a mark on it! How it called to me! Unable to fight the voices in my head, I went over to the office of Marilyn Goldman, my boss, and blurted, “I’m sorry, but I need to draw on that wall. Can I tag it?” Instead of giving me a warning for my insufferable artiness, she said, “I’ll do you one better. How about you do a mural for the office?”

Jaw, meet floor.

Within a few days I had settled on an image and medium for the mural, with the assistance of Jamie Lacroix, our Director of Marketing and Communications. We chose an olive tree, historically a symbol of peace that resonated with our work in Israel advocacy, and I began to draw. My medium was acrylic markers on freshly painted wall. The entire staff enthusiastically supported my endeavor, helping me wherever I needed it and giving me their advice (solicited and otherwise) on how to improve the work. I finished the mural, my first (legal) large scale wall illustration, this morning. I feel like I’ve contributed something positive to our office environment that reflects the creative culture of The David Project; something my coworkers and visitors can enjoy and something I’m proud to have in my portfolio. How great is it to work for an organization that embraces the talents of the individual? For this obsessive artist, pretty darn great.