Today a few of us chatted about Incentives. The biggest takeaway was that Incentives/Recognition must complement our tracking metrics. It was also really helpful to hear Sydney's student perspective. She reminded us that in our first year, we should not make an incentive system based on competition.  Some of our campuses didn't even bother to use all of their core budgets, so we don't want to announce Incentives that no one even works towards. Rather, we should build an incentive program that will help us evaluate Core Campus success, help us streamline how we reward Core Campuses throughout the next year, and, in a year from now, allow us to evaluate/reward successful Core Schools. Building this program will also create specific points when we want to do the nice DP things we do like take a group out for dinner, write thank you notes, call an Israel fellow to show our appreciation, etc.

We covered a lot of ground. Some takeaways include:

- Coffee cards get engagement started, but they are not an incentive. On another note, we should do more research and purchase cards to local coffee shops that students like to go to.

-We should build our incentives program based on tracking metrics. One idea that came up is awarding "Ben Gurion Stickers" to core campuses ( and track this within our office). Core Campuses could get stickers when they do an intro conversation, follow up conversation, campus conversation, joint program, Israel Uncovered follow up program, or hold a group meeting to discuss outreach. Imagine we could tweet, instagram, the progress of different schools, or text our students when they get awarded new "BGs"!! Very cute.

-During the upcoming school year, some rewards could include: Yossi Klein halevi extra books, Group dinner, Silly putty awards, graphic design opportunities courtesy of Miriam

-Bigger/long term reward ideas: Discounting registration for DP conferences, more spots on Israel trip, End of the year Spotlights (with programming compensation) including Most Improved, Best Campus, Best Joint program

Comment away! Thank you!