Welcome to the New Kids on the Block!


No, not the 90s boy band - I' m talking about the new “kids” on The David Project block: New York University and Princeton University, the newest Core schools to join The David Project family. TorchPAC, NYU's pro-Israel student group, is highly organized and has an active committee system. The David Project's relationships with TorchPAC began when the outreach committee chair attended Israel Amplified in 2012. There she learned networking skills, which, once she got back to school, she imparted to her committee who began networking left and right. To help bring its engagement tactics to the next level, TorchPAC's outreach leaders worked with me in the spring semester to improve their personal narratives. In May, the group hosted its first Campus Conservation event with more than 30 campus leaders in attendance. In the coming year, pro-Israel students at NYU will engage their campus in monthly educational roundtables, while continuing networking across campus.

My relationship at Princeton began when I met the Tigers for Israel president. After successfully working as a Hillel Engagement Intern, he knew the value of community building. He then led Tigers for Israel through an reorganization of their leadership structure over the past two years guided by The David Project staff. I spent this past spring in Princeton assisting Tigers for Israel in campus network mapping, writing a mission and vision, and creating an outreach plan. Spring 2013 ended with a solid timeline and plan for the upcoming year. The students are hoping to plan niche programs to engage key campus partners to join them on Israel Uncovered 2014 and to interface with the Princeton pro-Israel community.

I am super excited to be the Campus Coordinator responsible for working with these two campuses. It has been exciting to watch them grow and develop their own versions of relational advocacy. I know they will be successful at positively shaping the conversation about Israel on campus, and before we know it, these New Kids On The Block will become engagement veterans like the original boy band of pop.