Heart Health & Heart Break (aka my love of trashy reality television while at the gym and how I designed "The Bachelor Advocate")

This week, all I can think about is the weekend because I’ll be heading to Washington, D.C. for The David Project's (first ever!) Relationship Building Institute. For the institute, I've been working with a few people on Sunday night's session on personal advocacy. We wanted to make the session fun and interactive, therefore, I took inspiration from my dedication to my heart health.

You see, cardio is hard work. So the way I learned to make it fun and enjoyable was by tuning into trashy reality television on the T.V. while on the elliptical at the gym.  You might wonder, what does trashy T.V., this weekend, and the Relationship Building Institute have to do with each other?

Thanks to my gym habits, I knew exactly where to turn to make Sunday night's session fun: The Bachelor & Bachelorette series.

In the workshop, all the participants and staff will get to take a much less embarrassing turn at reality dating by participating in the newest reality sensation: The Bachelor-Advocate! This dating-game twist will allow us to LARP (yup we’ll be Live Action Role Playing) and improvise our way into the perfect advocacy relationship. Advocating for our cause and sharing our story might be serious business, but how we gain the skills to get there doesn’t have to be. While I'm excited for all of the Relationship Building Institute next week, I am most excited to meet our runner up.

I hear he/she gets to be next June’s Bachelor/Bachelorette!