Penn State Student's Latte Initiative Brings Together Student Leaders to Talk Israel


A new and  important project The David Project has undertaken this year is the Latte Initiative, which encourages students to build relationships with leaders on campus. Through one-on-one meetings, students learn about new groups and how they can work together. Thanks to Melissa Sacks's work through her Latte Initiative at Penn State University, she was able to bring together the College Democrats, College Republicans, and Young Americans for Liberty to have a discussion on the Middle East last week. The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student newspaper, covered the event. Below is a clip from the article. You can read more about Melissa's work at The Daily Collegian.

Last night, student leaders representing various Penn State organizations met for the first time for a round table discussion to discuss conflicts in the Middle East.

Students from organizations like Penn State Hillel, Penn State College Republicans, Penn State College Democrats, Penn State Young Americans for Liberty, and Penn State Israel Alliance were in attendance.

“We thought it would be a great idea to get together, network and engage one another, something that will help us all in the future,” organizer for the event Melissa Sacks (sophomore-international politics) said.

The round table idea was inspired by student Jonathan Reich and a few other students who wanted to start a conversation among student leaders, not only also interested in the Middle East, but to also remind the leaders that it is their job to educate their peers about what is going on in the world around them.

Reich said that students need to form opinions on their own instead of allowing the media to decide for them.

“I studied in Israel for half a semester and I find Middle Eastern politics fascinating,” Reich (sophomore-international politics) said.

Congrats to the student leaders at Penn State. Read the rest of the article here.