The Music of Israel - by Max Gottlieb


Israelis are a different breed of people than we Americans are accustomed to interacting with. As a gap year student from Philadelphia, I was in for a real learning experience during my time here in Israel. One thing I noticed about Israelis is they define themselves by who they are and not by what they are doing. They live in the moment and learn from their experiences - be it at school, the Army, or traveling abroad. They use all of their experiences to mold their ideas of what they want to do and more importantly, who they want to be. They seem to appreciate each day as a gift and  try to leave the world a better place. Because of this, Israelis are a passionate people. This infectious passion inspires me to play music and pursue my dream of being a musician. While in Israel, I started a YouTube channel, shooting weekly videos of myself playing songs at different beautiful and historical Israeli locations. The inspiration of the world around me has also pushed me to write more songs and experience my journey through this musical lens. Being a beautiful country inhabited by interesting people, Israel has encouraged me to make my dream a reality. My entire gap year experience has helped me learn a lot about these people, which in turn, continues to aid me in learning about myself.

These are the people The David Project aims to preserve, and my experience as a David Project student has helped me gain adequate skills to defend the right of these passionate people and the wonderful country they’ve created.

Below is a selection of some of my favorite songs, which I perform in some of my favorite places in Israel:

Let it Snow

Stand By Me

Forget You

-- Max Gottlieb is a gap year student at the Aardvark Israel Immersion Program in Jerusalem. He has recently completed The David Project's college level course on Israel advocacy.