Student Post: Israel Retreat for Davis Students: An Unexpected Surprise


Student post from Nitzan Bluvstein, a junior psychology major at University of California, Davis. When I showed up to the Aggies for Israel retreat, I assumed it would be a series of lectures and a long day of sitting. Instead, what I got was a full day of interactive programs designed to not only get us thinking about the importance of our connection to Israel, but exactly what we can do with that connection on our campus.

The day started off with some fun ice breakers with an Israel theme to them, and though most ice breakers are infamous for their awkward tension, these got everyone talking - literally. Right away we shared our story connecting us to Israel with a partner. It became clear that as different as our stories all were, we all had a common passion for Israel. The rest of the day continued with more fun, bonding, and of course some learning.

However, instead of teaching us about current events and facts that most people seemed to already know, we learned exactly how to get involved on campus through board-member led discussions and presentations. Retreat goers had the option to learn more about things such as ASUCD (Davis student government) and outreach in the community. At the end of the day, I honestly did not have one bad thing to say about my experience. It was in no way what I had expected, and I say that in the best way possible.