Only 20 Days Out, Israel Uncovered Alumni Already Making Waves


It has been 20 days since our Israel Uncovered participants returned to the U.S. Even though the trip itself has ended, the impact of these students’ experiences is just beginning to take shape. Several of the participants have already begun putting together creative initiatives in order to engage their peers. Here are a few examples:

  • Michigan State University: a participant is working to create a photo exhibit that will be presented to the campus community
  • Carnegie Mellon University: two students met with the Dean of Students as well as the president of the university to talk about their experiences in Israel and how they can apply them to campus
  • Temple University: all three student leaders have teamed up to host a speaker on counter-terrorism through their respective clubs - College Democrats, College Republicans, and TIPAC
  • University of Pittsburgh: the three student leaders served on a panel discussing diversity in Israel for the Cross Cultural and Leadership Development umbrella organization
  • Vanderbilt University: the student leaders are working on a media campaign, including articles in their campus newspaper
  • Rutgers University: a student is working to create a dialogue between two business groups on campus, one that is targeted toward Jewish students and another which focuses on investment banking
  • Boston University:  The Israel leader wants to create a dinner for all non-Jewish students who have traveled to Israel in the past year and have them talk about their experiences in front of their peers

These initiatives are just the first steps towards positively impacting campuses across the country. I know that the entire campus team is eager to see what other creative ways our trip participants will bring Israel back to their peers!