Israeli Elections


Israelis will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for the 19th Knesset. You can read all about the Israeli electoral system in our elections guide. All the polls we have seen in the past few weeks show current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau’s Likud-Beiteinu joint list as the biggest winner. These polls, however, do not agree on how many seats the party will win in the next Knesset. No matter the number of seats, Netanyahu will likely have the opportunity to form a coalition government. Tablet Mag had a great article last week that describes what the make-up of different coalitions could look like.

There are some other guides to the elections that are worth taking a look at as well. The Isrealli Blog of the U.S.-Israel Missions put out a fun info-graphic on the elections. The Israel Democracy Institute has an online election compass to help you determine which party to vote for. Take the quiz; your results may surprise you!

If you are still confused about the Israeli electoral system I recommend this clip from the classic Israeli film Sallah Shabbati. In it, our title character, a new immigrant from North Africa, is participating in his first Israeli election. Watch this comedy of errors as he tries to fit ballots for three different parties into the ballot box.

Good Luck on Tuesday, Israel!