Israel Uncovered - Day 9 Reflection (leaders to emulate) by University of Pittsburgh Student


A guest post by Julie Carmen, a University of Pittsburgh student and attendee on Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission Today we had the unique opportunity to visit students taking the same courses we are, completing the same years in their education we are, and working in similar leadership roles as us. Despite these similarities, there remained one significant difference - we were students going to learn about the country they had already served and defended. There was something  both incredibly humbling and inspiring knowing that while now our daily lives are comparable, for some of these students, only a few months ago, they were busy defending the country that has served as our home for the last ten days.

As someone who has experienced my own friends going into the Israeli military, I felt that I arrived to the program with a certain knowledge about what it meant to be a veteran of the Israeli defense forces. Yet,  hearing these students taking on additional leadership roles after already completing such incredible responsibility is what makes me personally strive to be a stronger leader. These conversations are the cornerstone of this program, and is what I believe the program intended when discussing learning more about the state of Israel and how to better advocate on her behalf. This program showed us not only the similarities between Israeli and American college students, but also showed us real examples of leaders we should try to emulate on our own campuses and in our own life.

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