Israel Uncovered - Day 8 Reflection (the importance of creating a social consciousness) by Carnegie Mellon Student


A guest post by Danielle Schlesinger, a Carnegie Mellon University student and attendee on Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission On our way down to Tel Aviv from the Golan today, we had the unique opportunity to stop in Haifa and visit the Technion, one of the world's leading engineering and science universities. Though I have enjoyed the incredible experiences we have had throughout the trip, this visit particularly spoke to me as a Carnegie Mellon student studying biology and biomedical engineering.

The main part of our visit to the Technion was a lecture from a professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering. The lecture was surprisingly not about a specific engineering topic or lecture to later be tested upon, but rather about the ability to use engineering in the global community. In other words, the professor stressed the importance of creating a social consciousness within engineering that would encourage students to use their specific skills to help people around the world in less fortunate situations.

Even though the information presented was on a completely different topic from many of the other speakers we have had, it ultimately came down to a similar larger truth that we have explored throughout the trip thus far. This was the idea of respecting and working with all those around us for the benefit of the human race regardless of background, ethnicity, origin, etc. As campus leaders, we are amazingly privileged to be exposed to a variety of people with impressive ideas, as we have been throughout this trip. Simply learning about these is not enough, however, but rather what is more important is discovering how we can pull together all these concepts and then use them to affect change within Israel or throughout the world. Whether we are studying engineering, political science, economics, or just about any topic, we all have the ability as leaders to use these learned skills for the benefit of those around us and the global community.

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