Israel Uncovered – Day 3 Reflection (inspiration from Hadassah Hospital) by Yale Student


A guest post by Shuaib Raza, a Yale University student and attendee on Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission We were able to witness a wide range of stunning archeological, natural and cultural sites on our first full day of touring. I can only imagine the amount of intricate planning that went into the first day alone.

Writing a prayer and placing it in Kotel was probably the spiritual highlight of the day.  An ostensibly secular, though in my opinion also spiritually significant, experience was visiting Hadassah Hospital.

We were able to tour the hospital and hear from many of the professionals working at that blessed institution. The fact that it is an internationally renowned medical and research center actually took second seat for me. What was far more inspiring was the commitment to create an atmosphere in which all are truly welcome. In a region rife with geopolitical realities that manifest in everything, from access to holy sites to healthcare, this was no small feat.

I have been, and God willing will continue to be,  involved in inter-faith and cultural movements in a variety of capacities.  Therefore, the Hadassah commitment to create an atmosphere where Palestinian and Muslim care givers (and receivers) cohabit and work alongside their Israeli and Jewish siblings in humanity was incredibly inspiring. The healthcare system epitomized my personal mantra of bridge building between communities around medical service. By no means will this institution single-handedly solve the entire political situation, however, I strongly believe that their years of treading the oft scorned and difficult middle path of creating and protecting a safe space for people to interact will play a critical role in the lasting peace. God willing.

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