Israel Uncovered - Day 10 Reflection (Israel history is fascinating, but Israel technology is inspiring) by Rutgers Student


A guest post by Matthew Mednick, a Rutgers University student and attendee on Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission On our final day of this busy trip the group dedicated a couple of hours to visiting the Microsoft R&D office in Tel Aviv and gaining a better insight into Israel as a "startup nation." Microsoft provides a unique opportunity to select start ups, offering a free open office for all of the around 50 workers of about a dozen start ups. More importantly, they offer mentorship so these businesses can really get off the ground. Seeing Microsoft's vested interest legitimized, in my eyes, that Israel is so advanced in the high tech sector.

As the trip progressed day by day it moved increasingly modern, from the sites in Jerusalem to seeing the awesome modernity of the Technion and Microsoft. As a Finance major, the latter has been a little more meaningful to me as I apply what I learn in the classroom and see businesses start and grow. While the past history is fascinating, the future is fluid and inspiring. Technology out of Israel benefits the entire world and is a major part of the future. While the politics of the region provide more questions for the future in Israel, the technological prowess in hardware, software, and medicine is fantastic and not getting the attention it deserves in the larger conversation on Israel. These are extremely bright spots for Israel's economic future.

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