Today's Blog Post is Brought to You by the Number 7


Back in the day (or back in May, more appropriately), our executive director, David Bernstein, wrote an article about building great organizational cultures. I'd like to expand on that by introducing the world (because it is clear to me that a significant portion of the world reads our blog) to our 7 Core Values. Although I'm not a member of our Core Values Team, I'm definitely a groupie and am partially responsible for the design of our Core Values posters (see below - most of the design credit goes to our very own, Miriam Anzovin).

Our 7 Core Values are at the forefront of the way we interact with each other internally. These values emerged after a several-months-long process involving the whole staff. They help to guide our work and our relationships. They also help make The David Project a stellar place to work (and they're not even paying me to say that, although I am in marketing, so it is kind of my job).

The 7 Core Values and their descriptions are as follows:

Advancing Life Long Learning

Promoting continuous and intellectual growth, both personally and professionally

Being Genuine & Open

Nurturing an honest, transparent, and respectful work environment

Celebrating Zionism

Embracing the right of the Jewish people to a state in the land of Israel

Creating Mishpacha

Fostering a warm, relaxed, and fun environment where we care for and support one another

Embracing Change

Building an ever-shifting strategic environment where team members recognize and help drive change

Fostering Autonomy & Responsibility

Empowering employees to be responsible for their time and accountable for their work

Rewarding Success & Embracing Failure

Celebrating success, encouraging risk-taking, and redefining failures as learning opportunities

7 Core Values Posters