Pillar of Defense: Open Letter to Mayor of Sderot Campaign


An opportune campus initiative in response to 'Pillar of Defense' is to encourage students to sign an open letter to Sderot Mayor David Buskila. The letter should highlight student support for Israel and express concern for the innocent Israelis and Palestinians caught in the middle of the violence. Below is a draft letter that student leaders can use in order to obtain signatures from peers. We encourage students to publish their letter online or in their student newspaper. The David Project's grant program is available for students to publish this letter or other similar leadership statements.

Dear Mayor David Buskila,

We, the undersigned student leaders from __________ (name of campus), wish to express our solidarity with you and the people of Sderot, during these trying times. No people should be subjected to a barrage of rocket attacks and be forced to live in fear. No child should suffer the trauma produced by the steady stream of sirens and explosions.

We know, Mr. Mayor, that the people of Sderot’s resilience in the face of rocket attacks is a testament to their deep roots and unshaken determination to live in peace. As President Obama stated during his 2008 visit to Sderot, “The threats to Israel security begin in Sderot, but they don't end there.”

We pray for peace in Sderot, and for all innocent Israelis and Palestinians.


Students of ________ University