How to be a Great President (of your Israel Club)


November means that we are halfway through the fall semester, that midterms are underway or behind us, and many student leaders are contemplating whether or not to step up and run for president of their Israel club on campus. Being president can be extremely rewarding, as you have the opportunity to help shape the Israel discourse on your campus. But, it can also be very challenging and sometimes difficult to figure out where to start.

Therefore, The David Project is working on a new guidebook for student leaders who are president of their Israel organization on campus, or for those thinking about taking up this post.

Our guidebook will outline the most important responsibilities for a president of a student-run Israel organization, and offer advice on how to run a meeting, how to put together an agenda, how to delegate responsibility and more.

So far we have identified eight responsibilities of an Israel organization president, but we know there are more. Check out the below list and let us know in the comments what other responsibilities you think great Israel club presidents must master.Your comment could make it in our guidebook!

Responsibilities of the president of a student-run Israel organization

  1. Identify, cultivate and motivate leaders
  2. Communicate constantly and listen actively
  3. Define the mission and vision of your organization
  4. Delegate responsibility to your board members and up-and-coming leaders
  5. Set the weekly agenda of your meetings
  6. Represent your organization to the community
  7. Identify and utilize resources and know how to ask for help when needed
  8. Remember to have fun and set aside time to celebrate your love of Israel with your group
What else does a good president need to do?