Lonely Campus Coordinator


After coming back to Boston from my three weeks in southern California, my co-workers asked how my trip was. Well, my answer was, not only does California have great weather and good Mexican food, but there are some awesome Israel groups doing great work on campus. Being that I am from southern California, some of my co-workers think I have a bias for the region, but the truth is it is a great region with great students. But I suppose that everyone has a bias for their region because most of my co-workers are not in the office; they are traveling. Although the office is slightly lonely, it is so exciting to see and hear stories from everyone on the road. Even Phil (Campus Team Manager) and Marilyn (Assistant Executive Director, Operations & Finance) are on the road in Israel preparing everything for our Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission to Israel.

But back to proving I have the best region… in my three weeks, I went to UC Irvine, San Diego State, UC San Diego, UCLA, USC and CSUN. I enjoyed a retreat in Newport Beach with Anteaters for Israel, taught the students good tabling practices, ate crepes with the president of Aztecs for Israel at a farmers market at SDSU, heard Yossi Herzog speak with Bruins for Israel, experienced 20 minutes of rain that ended with a beautiful rainbow, and met many great people who I am excited to work with this year.