Our Segmented Summer

One of the main points we stress to our students is the importance of looking at their campuses as being made up of strategic segments. For instance, every campus has the following segments: Jewish student body, mainstream groups, left of center groups, campus media, and faculty and administration. There are other segments as well, of course, and each campus has unique characteristics. The importance of seeing a campus in segments is that it allows student advocates to identify and work toward distinct outcomes.

This summer, The David Project showed that we believe in what we teach as we organized five unique summer seminars each focused on a distinct segment of student advocates.

We reached fraternity and sorority students through Israel Amplified, which we organized along with AEPi and other sponsors. We worked with tech savvy students at our Video Advocacy seminar, teaching students how to add an Israel message into original online videos. We worked with students with an interest in investing and international business by hosting TAMID’s inaugural national conference. And, we worked with emerging and advanced student leaders at our Israel On Demand seminar in June and our Israel On Demand Advanced Strategy seminar in August, which we held at Harvard Hillel.

Organizing seminars that focused on different types of advocates allowed us to identify and cultivate leaders who we would not have been able to reach otherwise.

At Israel On Demand, I met Avi, a student at a northeast university, struggling with his identity as an advocate and his support for various policies of the Israeli government, not realizing that this struggle makes him an authentic and powerful advocate on campus.

At Israel Amplified, I met Amanda, a leader of her sorority and the Israel club on campus who was looking for ways to engage her sorority more closely with Israel.

At TAMID, I met David who was engaging his peers on campus with Israel by showing how it's a great business opportunity and a vital country to understand for anyone interested in high tech investing.

And finally, at Israel On Demand: Advanced Strategy, I met Ilyssa from one of the most diverse schools in the country in Florida. She was excited about building relationships with new students on campus who had never heard of Israel before, outside of the news.

It was a successful summer and one that The David Project will remember for a long time, as the amazing leaders that came to our programs will be involved with us throughout the school year.