My First Time… On the road at Arizona State and University of Arizona!


As to keep with tradition I am writing about my first time, first time on the road that is. As I embarked on my trip to Arizona I was a little nervous, excited and curious how I would do without my fellow campus teammates. But as soon as I got to my first hotel and saw an In and Out in the same parking lot I knew that my trip was going to be great (what can I say I am a California girl at heart). Embracing the heat of summer in Arizona, one of the student leaders of Sun Devils for Israel gave me a tour of her campus, Arizona State University. Then I spent time hanging out with the students, sitting in on their meeting and leading a recruitment for Israel organizations workshop.

The following night I helped the students at Passport, a campus-wide club fair designed to recruit members (mainly freshman) into their organization. While there I watched Sun Devils for Israel members interact with new students, while I was mistaken for a freshman. And let me just say that once you have graduated the last thing you want is to be mistaken for a freshman.

The best moment of the trip came after the Passport event. I was speaking with a few students on the Sun Devils for Israel board who were telling me about the group leaders that they had met that evening and how they had planned coffee dates to talk with them further about working together. “Latte Initiative” they proclaimed. That was when I knew that my trip had been a complete success. I can’t wait to hear how their coffee dates go!

The second leg of my trip was at University of Arizona. First stop was the beautiful Hillel office that houses the Oy Vey café. I must have picked the right day to come because Thursday is mac and cheese day. All of the students were excited and I have to say it wasn’t for nothing; it was some pretty good (kosher!) mac and cheese. Joining in on one of the welcome week events I was able to meet tons of students and even enjoy a game of Apple to Apples.

Things I learned while on my trip, it does rain in Arizona even during the summer, you shouldn’t leave your parking break on when you want to drive, and students excited about the Latte Initiative is priceless.

Trip #1=Success!!! Can’t wait for my next trip. Next stop California…..