Bringing Israel to the Greek Community

Two weeks ago, The David Project hosted 90 fraternity and sorority students at Israel Amplified, an Israel advocacy conference focused on bringing Israel to the Greek community. At Israel Amplified The David Project campus team taught participants how to engage their peers with Israel. We broke down Greek engagement into five different levels:

  • One-on-one conversations
  • Small group discussions
  • Chapter wide programming
  • Inter-chapter Mixer
  • Greek Wide programming

Each level builds off the previous one. In the one-on-one conversations section, we started by engaging the students in a fishbowl exercise, which allowed them to speak open and honestly about Israel on their campus and within the Greek community. Then we divided students into small groups of three, so that they could practice telling their personal narrative to each other. In this intimate setting, students had the chance to practice talking about their personal connection to Israel and exploring how they can relate it to their peers.

During the personal narrative discussion, we also talked about creating simple ways to naturally start up conversations about Israel. These techniques ranged from playing Israeli music, to having an Israel flag hanging in their rooms. These are subtle ways to invite questions and spark a natural conversation.

Next, we focused on getting greater buy-in within the chapter and wider Greek community. Students discussed ways to have smaller group events, such as a Dead Sea spa night, or an Israeli movie night. These small and fun group events allow for more members of an organization to participate and will build more interest toward Israel.

On the third day of the conference, the students had the opportunity to choose two breakout sessions. These sessions were program planning sessions that included: chapter wide programming, inter-chapter mixers, and Greek wide programming. The students were split into small groups and were tasked with creating programs that suited the segment they were in. Some of the programs that were created included:

  • An Around Israel mixer
  • A chapter paintball outing with the Israel Fellow
  • A Save a Child’s Heart Dance a Thon

By the end of the conference, the students had gained the skills necessary to reach out to their fellow Greeks. They could start small by having a single conversation and they could reach big and have a Greek wide fundraiser. The students left the conference excited and motivated to get back to campus and I cannot wait to see what they do once they are back!