Bringing Israel into the TAMID Israel Investment Group


Two weeks ago, The David Project hosted the TAMID Israel Investment Group’s first annual conference. The partnership made strategic sense for both organizations. To The David Project, TAMID is an important student organization, as TAMID’s model aligns with The David Project’s mission of making Israel relevant to student’s interests. To TAMID, The David Project is an ally and supporter within the Israel advocacy community. While a majority of the conference revolved around brainstorming, strategy and goals setting for the fall semester, The David Project focused its workshop time on a slightly different concept. Our campus team presented TAMID with our new personal narrative workshop. We asked students to reflect on why they care about Israel and how their business interests relate to their passion for the Jewish State. What we discovered was quite surprising.

TAMID was established to “connect business-minded students with the Israeli economic landscape.” Yet, that does not answer the question of why students should connect specifically with Israel, and not some other innovative or developing country – like China or India. While Israel may be an obvious choice for Jewish and Israeli students, it may not be as clear cut for an unaffiliated student. The answer to this question goes beyond the number of start-ups or high-tech companies.

The personal narrative is what can bridge this gap. Numbers and facts about Israel are interesting. But a compelling story about a personal experience is what can really seal the deal for students interested in TAMID. In this way, the personal narrative is not just a great recruitment tool but also an important way to bring Israel back into the values of the TAMID Israel Investment Group.

Our personal narrative workshop was a small part of the amazing work that TAMID completed during their National Conference. We hope that it will help renew their spirit and connection toward Israel as they enter the school year connecting students to Israel through business investing on their campuses.