What is Exciting Jacob this Summer


How time flies! It seems just like yesterday that I arrived on the scene at The David Project and the Campus Team was busily preparing for Israel On Demand. It’s now the second week of July, and before we know it, oppressive summer heat will give way to September and the start of school. While campus is (mostly) quiet for now, there are several events that I am looking forward to over the next eight weeks:

The David Project kicks off the month of August with three conferences in three weeks.

From August 6-8, our Campus Team will be in Phoenix at Israel Amplified, a national conference bringing together fraternity and sorority students from across the country to hone their Israel advocacy skills. Greek life is the lynch-pin of Israel activity at many of the schools I work with, and while I was personally not involved in Greek life at Wesleyan, I’m extremely eager to learn about the ways in which the Greek community takes a leading role in affecting campus discourse on Israel. There will be more than 100 students at the conference, and I am looking forward to getting to know them and working with students from New England! From August 12-15, The David Project will be hosting Israel On Demand: Advanced Strategy for Campus Activists, a new offering on The David Project summer schedule. We are in the midst of embarking on a Core Partnership initiative, in which The David Project and select schools are working together to develop and implement strategic approaches to Israel activity on campus. I’m excited to continue working with students from Boston University, our first Core Campus in New England, helping them develop a plan for strategic change over the coming school year and building sustainable relationships with diverse campus leaders and communities.

From August 19-20, The David Project is partnering with TAMID Israel Investment Group on its first national conference. TAMID is a student-led initiative that pioneers the next generation of American commitment to Israel by connecting business-minded students with the Israeli economy. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about TAMID lately and I’m very excited to learn more!

I’m thrilled when I continue to have conversations with students who express a high-level of enthusiasm about the upcoming school year, Israel activity at their campus, and their latest experiences in Israel. They are eager to work with The David Project and even more eager to get on campus in the fall and build relationships with their peers!

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