Making it Happen at Midreshet Nishmat


Midreshet Nishmat, a Modern Orthodox seminary located in the beautiful Pat neighbourhood in Jerusalem, is a leading educational institution committed to “open the highest reaches of Jewish learning to women.” Nishmat systematically recruits and generates student leaders who become passionate Israel activists on their campuses and in the general community. This is the fifth consecutive year in which The David Project has had the privilege of teaching our extensive Israel education curriculum at Nishmat. As the teacher of the class, it was clear to me from an early stage that I was dealing with a unique group of students who care deeply about knowledge, truth, and of course Israel. Whether we discussed history or current affairs, the stagnant peace process or Israel’s exponential technological growth, I was always moved by the boundless amounts of intellectual energy generated by my students. Half-way through the year, with the intention of making the most of their remarkable potential, I challenged my students to take on a project that will make a real, measurable impact in their current environment (Israel) as well as in their future locations (mostly campuses in North America). A few months later, what started as an abstract discussion in a David Project class on campus activism, transformed into an inspiring project that touched hundreds of gap year students studying in Israel. The project, titled Ask Me More,” received the enthusiastic support of the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, and was covered by one of Israel’s leading newspapers, Maariv, and Israel’s Channel 10 Network. The Nishmat girls are now committed to developing their project into a large movement that will impact thousands of college students in the U.S. next year. For more information, please refer to the blog post written by one of the founders of the project, Eliana Glogauer.