The David Project's newest initiative is our Community Summits model, in which student relationship builders from across the country come together to envision new partnerships between their community and the pro-Israel community on campus.  

The interfaith summit

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This fall, The David Project will be launching our inaugural Interfaith Summit to bring students together for a weekend of learning and collaboration. At the conference students will have the opportunity to learn best practices of interfaith leadership, discuss shared values and issues, and learn new ways to connect their communities back on campus.  

Applications for our first Interfaith Summit are now closed. For more information, contact your campus coordinator.

Black Jewish Summit

The Black-Jewish Summit brings students representing the Jewish and Black communities on campuses across the country. Over a weekend of education, collaboration, and dialogue, students learn the skills to improve the relationship between these communities back on their campuses.

Applications for this summit are now closed. For more information, please contact your campus coordinator.

My biggest takeaway is that together we are more powerful and have a stronger voice which can be used to engage other members of our campus communities and get them more involved in our organizations and conversations.
— Precious Ogu, Trinity College,
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LAtinos y judios unidos

Latinos and Jews United (Latinos y Judios Unidos), is our annual summit for Jewish and Latino students in Miami, Florida. Student leaders from campuses across the country join together to learn about the history of the Jewish-Latino relationship and how they can come together to create genuine allyship back on campus. 

Applications for this summit are currently closed. For more information, please contact your campus coordinator.

I came to this conference wondering what these two communities could possibly have in common, this weekend really opened my eyes and made me realize that we had more in common than i thought.
— Elijah Agustin, Rutgers University

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