The Relationship Building Institute is The David Project’s annual summer seminar. Students and professionals learn the skills necessary to advocate for Israel on their campus. Participants network with like-minded student advocates from across the country, Jewish professionals, and leaders of diverse and influential communities on campus.


What made this Relationship Building Institute so special to me was the people and sense of shared purpose that I felt from the first plenary session. I firmly believe that everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.
— Brian, National Student Board Chair

Meet and hear from students involved with diverse campus communities across the country

Students attending the Relationship Building Institute have the opportunity to hear from leaders of diverse student organizations. Not only are they learning from our professional staff, but also their fellow peers at the same time.  

Practice communication skills and learn to connect with others around Israel by working with relationship building experts

The Relationship Building Institute offers an opportunity for students to learn important skills behind building relationships. Our workshops teach students about Personal Narrative, Active Listening, and Finding Common Ground, which are all important elements of building genuine connections. 



Have dedicated time with your Campus Coordinator to create an outreach plan for the fall semester

Here's your chance to start off the semester on the right foot. Students begin to brainstorm effective way in building relationships, while identifying the key communities to work with. Campus Coordinators will help create goals for the year and determine effective ways to achieve success.