The David Project empowers student leaders to build mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships with diverse student organizations so that the pro-Israel community is integrated and valued on campus. 






The David Project internship teaches you so much. I will take the skills of active listening and personal narratives with me to guide my future interactions with people in this world.
— Rachel, Claremont College

The David Project increases pro-Israel sentiment on campus by engaging Jewish and non-Jewish student leaders and their communities, with Israel. 

I have learned so much by opening myself up to relationships with others who are different from me. On top of all that, I have a new understanding of Israel and the Jewish people, which has made me look at the news differently, be open to new ideas, and have new wonderful friendships.
— Bashir, University of Cincinnati

The David Project believes that the most effective way to dispel misconceptions, enhance students' understanding and raise support for Israel is by building genuine and lasting relationships across campus. This methodology is called "Relational Advocacy"

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I am so thankful for this experience. Since coming back, I have recommended The David Project to many of my friends, and I have sought out many opportunities to understand different cultures and my own faith. I would not trade the experience I had for anything and I am glad that The David Project helped me grow as a student, leader, and person.
— Sarah, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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