The David Project works with hundreds of student interns across the country to write and implement strategic outreach plans. 

Interns meet regularly with their David Project Campus Coordinators who train them in Relational Advocacy and how to talk about israel with their peers.

Throughout the school year, student interns build mutually beneficial relationships with leaders from diverse campus communities to create authentic partnerships. 


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I think the David project is an amazing organization. The internship teaches you so much. The skills learned can be applied in many other contexts and lead to very effective networking and meaningful outreach. I will take the skills of active listening and personal narratives with me to guide my future interactions with people in this world.
— Rachel Arditi, Claremont College

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The David Project inspired me to be able to dig in, get my hands dirty, and to form my own opinions on everything the world throws our way... and for that, I’m forever grateful.
— Dana Drage, University of Cincinnati

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Thank you so much for this experience, I feel that I have learned how to be a better leader, listener, and advocate for the things I believe in! Thank you!
— Elly Bergen, Hunter College

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